Len Ingram writes:
"This catalog has a printer's error in it. The illustration of the Mountain King Deluxe on page 1 and the Vade Mecum Mk II on page 4 have been transposed. This catalog has a tan cover; correct catalogs have pink covers. What we don't know is, if the incorrect one was the first printing subsequently corrected with a different color cover. As to the date, the VM II and VM III are not mentioned in an article in Cycling dated Feb. 7th 1962 but are in the 1964 Cycling of October 3rd. As far as I can see the first VM II is H4105 marked 'show' on [the production] card and the first VM III is H4107--both sold on 31st August 1964, so I think that confirms the date.

There was also a red cover catalog which listed the Experto Crede with pressed lugs (as opposed to cast) for the first time. The first frame with pressed EC lugs was sold 29 March 1956."

1964 catalog scans courtesy of Peter Naiman.