What do you get if you cross a Hetchins with a Bates? This is not a trick question. In fact, you get a Hetchins with Cantiflex tubes and a Diadrant fork.

Novus Ductor, Cantiflex
Preston, 1997

You can call it a Batchins or a Hates or a Hetchbat, as you please. (You may remember that the bat was Bates' symbol.) Very few were made, only as special orders. The tubes were acquired from Peter Bates; the lugs are Novus Doctor. The components include a complete Campag Record group set with Tectro brakes. It was ordered in December 1996 and delivered in March 1997.

The same rider also owns a Flying Gate with Cantiflex tubes. Click here for the Bates-Gate hybrid feature.