A selection of fixed- & single-gear bikes from the Hetchins.org foto archive
Inception to 1959

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Many fotos courtesy of the owners.

Above: grass track racing at Brodsworth in the 1930s.
Below: 1950 Magnum Bonum.

Below: a 1937 Brilliant Sprinter model for grass track racing.
Note the steep head tube angle compared to the seat tube.
The b&w foto shows the first owner's son.
Farther below: recently resprayed by CyclArt of California in black and white enamel.

Above: the original owner of the 1937 Brilliant Sprinter featured above,
Francis Bullock with his Hetch (right), and two cycling chums.
Chattsworth House in the background.

Below great rarity: a 1937 Trio, one of three known to have survived.
The Trio offered a 3-way dropout, for road, path, or track positions,
and an optional second fork. The dimpled seat tube allowed a very short wheelbase
in track formation with clearance for mudguards in road formation.
The model was not popular, only 6 or so having been made.
The frame was renovated by Jackson Cycles, Leeds.
The current owner has set it up as a fixie.

Below: a 1938 Super Brilliant featuring a reversable hub,
one side with a fixed cog, the other with a free cog.

Below: Two rarities. First, a 1950 MO phase i, with Stallard dropout.

Below: A 1950 Mag.Opus phase i, featuring 'bacon slicer' hubs and 6-Day fluted seat tube.

Below: SuperSpecials.

Below: 1956 Experto.

Below: 1954 Mag. Bonum with full chrome and complete set of Coronation transfers.

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