1973 Spyder Fastback

Spyder fastback
Alf's Folly

This Spyder features fastback stays, original paint and transfers, and Campag Nuovo Record components. The handle bar and stem are by Cinelli; Brooks saddle. The fastback stays give a short and stiff back end, and the fork has very little rake to it, which made this a stiff criterium racer.

The original order sheet shows the usual notes for lug design, components, finish, and so on, in Alf's handwriting. In addition, in Jack's hand, is the marginal comment "Alf's Folly". A few other builder's cards are known with this comment. Apparently Jack disagreed with Alf about something do to with this design, or perhaps Jack hadn't been consulted when the customer placed his order--and here expressed his opinion about it. Presumably this was not meant to reach the customer. We do not know, in this case, what it was about this frame which did not suit Jack; but he built it just the same.