Magnum Opus deluxe pair
Leeds, 1987

These two Mag.Opus deluxes demonstrate a transition period in Hetchin's history. Both were made at Bob Jackson Cycles in Leeds shortly after Alf had sold the business. They bear serial numbers only 20 digits apart, but the frames show interesting differences and should be closely compared. The champagne-colored one is said to have been made as an exhibition bike and is the later of the two.

The model designation is a bit confusing. The champagne-colored frame, above, shows the characteristic MO Phase II lugwork, whereas the gold-flam frame, below, is designated a Mark Two, although it has what we now call Phase III lugs.

The explanation, I think, lies in the change-over from Hetchins to Bob Jackson. When Alf sold the business in 1985/6, the Hetchins and Bob Jackson production operations were consolidated at Bob Jackson Cycles in Leeds. At this time a new Magnum Opus lug pattern was introduced. The first foto above shows the old MO lug pattern, introduced by Hetchins in 1953, and the second foto shows the new MO lug pattern, introduced by Bob Jackson Cycles. As far as Jackson were concerned, the new one was the Mk 2, assuming that the old one was the Mk 1. But the old one was in fact already a Mk 2 version, being a development of the very first MO design from 1950; so the Jackson designation of Mk 2 should be understood as Phase 3. It would appear that Jackson produced both patterns for a short period.

Head lugs compared: Phase II left, Phase III right.

Head tubes compared.

Bottom brackets compared.

Magnum Opus
'Mk 2'
Leeds, 1987

This 22.5 inch frame features gold flam lacquer with brown bands; no braze-ons; Campag Super Record chainset & brake callipers, Campag Record platform pedals, Campag Record 8 speed mechs & Ergo levers, Cinelli bars and stem, Campag 700c Ypsilon aero rims on Campag Record 8 speed hub, Brooks Professional saddle on Campag Record twin bolt seatpin. The frame was especially made for the catalog.
(Bob Johnson kindly supplied information and fotos.)

The above frames should be compared with the following two, which became the standard (not deluxe) flagship MO iii model: MO standard example 1 and MO standard example 2.