1937 Brilliant

London, 1937

This frame was built in November 1937. The frame was acquired with dulled chrome and apparently original transfers and paint. Typical for the period is the fully chromed head stock. The dt (fairground) transfer appears to be original, recognizable by the fade from red to gold (1940s dt transfers had a hard line from red to gold).

The current owner has preserved as much as possible of the original paint and transfers, covering over some of the dulled chrome with silver paint as a protective measure, but retaining much of the original black enamel and tranfers.

Components are: Chater Lea head clip, which also clamps the stem (no mounting bolt!); 3-arm Williams crank and Boa pedals; Conaloy Asp 26-inch steel rims; Airlite hubs, fixed gear; Brooks saddle; aluminum seat pin; Resilion cantilever brake (rear only). The bike is as near as possible to the original catalog specification.

Best compliments to the owner, who has done a fine job of conserving (not restoring) the bike in near-original condition.