1939 Brilliant

Brilliant No. 3
London, 1939

This Brilliant was beautifully rennovated in grey and black with double box lining. Components include: Chater Lea head clip and 3-arm crankset, Brooks Colt saddle, Airlight hubs, Weinmann Type 730 brake (front only), Conloy rims, Campag pedals and seat pin; the handle bar, modern but in vintage style, "Soma" by Major Taylor. Also of special note: both brake levers actuate the front brake; the stem is original with its Chater Lea lug cutout. For those who think the Brilliant lug pattern looks clunky, look at the space on the tube behind the lug, not the lug itself. This bike attracted many admiring glances at its debut during the annual Hetchins weekend in Tibberton, 2010.