historic hetchins

1939 Brilliant No.1

Brilliant Number One
Tottenham, 1939

This curly Brilliant was purchased new by a young man who toured Britain with it before joining the war effort. He died in action. His brother then dismantled it and intended to put it into like-new condition, but, after some years, lost interest. The frame and boxed parts lay in an attic for decades, until the present owner acquired them and completed the restoration. The original documentation is complete. The transfers were faded but original, and the seat tube transfer was in good enough condition to be used as a model for subsequent reproductions.

The paint is blue flam. The components include: CLB brakes, Mansfield Ormond saddle with aluminum rails, Webb pedals, Strata clips, Williams cranks, Chater aluminum hubs (ca. 1946-48). The rear hub is a flip-flop double-fixed-gear arrangement; there is a grease nipple in the axle. Rims are Constrictor, Lam (french) brake levers, Brampton bottom bracket bearing, Blumels mud guards. The elegantly curved stem is of unknown manufacture.

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