1959 Circuit of Britain

London, 1959

This 21-inch curly frame with Experto lugs was originally sold on 4 Feb 1959 for 17 pounds 3 shillings 6 pence. It was restored during the winter and spring of 2008-09. Paint was done by the current owner; chrome courtesy of Peterborough Plating Co. The components comprise: Williams crank set; Campag Gran Sport rear mech, Record hubs and brake levers; small five-speed block; Mavic rims and center-pull brakes; GB stem.

The 'blurb' in the catalog says that the C.o.B. was "Designed for the aggressive rider", head 72, seat 73, top-tube 21-1/2", bracket height 10-1/2", but it could be altered--typical Hetchins. Although popular it did not replace the Road Racing frame no 6.

Fotos courtesy of the owner.