historic hetchins

1951 Cognoscenti Track

Chater Lea head clip   


Six-Day Track
Tottenham, 1951

The Cognoscenti was introduced as part of the Latin Series in 1950, but it was not popular; only 25 were built and only a handful are known to have survived.

This 22" vibrant Cognoscenti is a single fixed-gear track bike and features a fluted seat tube (hence, Six-Day Model) with Six-Day seat tube transfer.

The color scheme is black with chrome ends & headlugs.

The components consist of Chater Lea chainset, headclip & bb, Webb pedals, Bailey chrome track bars on chrome Cinelli stem, Fiamme sprint rims on Resilion large flange hubs, Brooks B17 Sprinter saddle on Reynolds alloy seatpin.

Fotos courtesy of Bob Johnson.