1984 Keyhole



Keyhole touring bike
Leeds, 1984

This 24-inch Keyhole was a special order for a customer in East Anglia. The sales receipt gives the date as 12 Nov 1984 in Alf's writing. The frame is in excellent original condition, featuring butter-yellow enamel, red trim, chromed head badge (rather rare for the mid 1980s), and engraved topeyes. The frame is the first one positively verified by serial number as a Jackson build.

The groupset is mixed and mostly as ordered: Stronglight 80 crankset, Stronglight headset, Shimano Stx down tube levers and derailleurs (rear only is indexed), Weinmann brakes, Mafac brake levers, Cinelli handle bar and engraved GB stem, Brooks B17 saddle on SR seat pin, Royce hi-flange hubs with titanium spindles, 700c Alesa Endeavor rims, Blackburn rack.

The owner very generously loaned the bike to the editor for a 12-mile ride through the English countryside near St. Ives ('I met a man with seven wives'). It is a very nimble bike.