historic hetchins

1962 Magnum Bonum

Magnum Bonum
Tottenham, 1962

This is 22" MB is notable for the belled head lugs, which is very late for this type of head clip. It was renovated in 1990 in black and red enamel. Components include: Stronglight cranks with Zeus chain rings, Campag pedals, Campag Record steel front & rear gear changers, GB handle bar and levers and Coureur 66 brakes, Brooks B15 saddle with Campag seat pin, Campa Hi-flange hubs, Ambrosio rims, Blumels mud guards. Note the specially made stem and rear rack (by a previous owner).

Postscript: since the above report was filed, the bike has changed hands. Its current owner made a few changes to the componentry, as follows: Bluemels alloy mudguards, Mavic rims, Panaracer tyres, and an early Ad Hoc pump. Peter Weigel supplied drilled Tipo hubs, swapped out the original cones and quick-release axles for British-thread solid axles, with the result that a late-40s/early-50s Reynolds wingnut set could be fitted. Getting the wheels and saddle right are probably the two critical items that make a bike a pleasure to ride. The bike offers a plethora of pleasing details to savor.

Fotos below courtesy of the new owner.