historic hetchins

1959 Magnum Bonum

Magnum Bonum
Tottenham, 1959

This 1959 Mag.Bonum was shipped to John O'Dell cycles in Chorley Lancashire on 2 January 1959. The trade price was GBP15, 7 shillings and 4 pence. The original color was golden yellow. The frame size is 23 inches.

The current owner writes:
My Grandad, Gerry Sweeney, bought the bike then and rode it for many years around the North West of England. Once he couldn't cycle any more he passed the bike to my father, Arthur Sweeney. He rode it for many years included a tour around Northern Spain. He moved to Los Angeles 25 years ago and took the bike with him but didn't do much riding. In 2010 he brought the bike back to England with him and finally passed it to myself.

I took it to C & G of Liverpool for a stripdown and re-spray. They work on the current Hetchins for Dave Miller [and] so were able to get the correct transfers and head badge. Supreme cycles of Crewe assembled the bike replacing many of the components which were fitted by my Grandad. I am now the third owner of this beautiful bicycle. [It] still feels light and tight and is an absolutely amazing ride. The best bike I have ever ridden!

[The following dates of ownership are approximate:]

1959 - 1982, Mr Gerry Sweeney

1980 - 2010, Mr Arthur Sweeney

2010 - Present, Mr Damien Sweeney

Fotos courtesy of the current owner.

[PS: you don't really own a Patek Philippe watch, you just take care of it for future generations. --Ed.]