1969 Magnum Bonum full chrome

Magnum Bonum
London, 1969

This 23-3/4-inch Magnum Bonum was a set-up for a custromer who had previously owned and sold a 1948 Hetchins. It was delivered in 1969 and kitted out with a mix of old and then-new equipment, including Stronglight 49D cranks with TA chain rings, and Simplex Prestige mech. In April 1969, the owner rode it from Land's End to John 'O Groats. Thereafter, the bike toured Europe from southern Spain to northern Germany, and became the owner's daily rider. He rode LEJOG again for charity when he was 70. The kit had undergone several upgrades and was finally fitted out with Shimano 105. The first owner rode until his death.

The bike is currently in the possession of the first owner's son, who had it fully rechromed and kitted out with more nearly period-correct components.

Of special note is the huge dt transfer, a reproduction of the 1930s 6-day transfer which wraps over the down tube; cut-outs in the transfer allow the underlying paint or in this case chrome to show through.

The first owner's son continues to tour on the bike, having cycled Scotland and France on it.