1985-6 Magnum Bonum Spyder

Magnum Bonum Spyder
special touring
Southend, 1985 or 86

This is one of the last frames made during the Southend period.

The model is Magnum Bonum with Spyder lugs, very similar to the 1984 Magnum Bonum Spyder also featured at this site. Both show the special attention to individual customer details characteristic of the last days of the Southend operation: specially cut seat tube embellishments, extra tangs, and so on.

The frame is 22.5 inches. The color scheme is purple with green bands; chrome headlugs, seatlugs, b/b, fork crown & ends. Components include Campag Record groupset (incl. pedals), Cinelli bars & stem, Mavic 700c MA 40 rims on Campag Record hi-flange hubs, Cinelli saddle on Campag Record twin-bolt seatpin.

Fotos courtesy of Bob Johnson.