1987 Magnum Opus 6-Day

Magnum Opus 6-Day
Leeds, 1987

This Magnum Opus Mk iii bears a very low 87xxx serial number, indicating it to have been one of the first Jackson-builds in 1987. It features a dimpled seat tube, making it a 6-Day model (rather rare for this vintage). The owner reports: [It was ] "originally made up with Campagnolo Strada Record; I have replaced front and rear derailleurs, pedals, and brakes with C-Record including Delta brakes. The [rest] remains the same: Cinelli bars and stem, Campag Record hi-flange sprint wheels, Campag Record chainset and Campag Electra saddle.

[The finish] is by Mercian and is very simple: Emerald Green flamboyant with gold lug lining. I think this simplicity creates a true classic finish. There is enough beauty in the lugs without "gilding the lily" with too many fancy colors and unnecessary chrome work--but everyone to his own view."

Fotos courtesy of the owner.