1971 Magnum Opus Mk ii

Magnum Opus MK ii
London, 1971

This Magnum Opus Mk ii was made in 1971. The owner writes: the bike was refurbished by Dave Marsh. It was designed by my father and modified by Alf. A hugely successful machine on road and track with victories on the Calshot boards against the olympic squad in 1975. It still outperforms all my modern machinery and was updated for competition with Corsa Record 8-speed transmission, Ergo levers, Gp4 rims, Red Star cogs, and clipless pedals. I have added a period Record 2-bolt seatpost and Brooks Pro saddle as original (the originals were were damaged in the restoration). The headset is the original Super Record; period Cinelli 1a stem and later Eubios bars. All the original parts, where possible, have been kept altough the original rims were destroyed and the wheels were rebuilt. The original pedals were Zeus.

Fotos courtesy of the owner