1950 Magnum Opus Ph I, full chrome

Magnum Opus
Phase I
London, 1950

This Magnum Opus is of particular interest.

First, the lug pattern is the Phase I version; the Phase II officially appeared in the catalogs in 1953, but some Ph. II frames were made as early as late 1951, so not many Ph. Is were made and fewer are extant. Note the flared head lugs for internal headset bearings and the plain topeye, both characteristic of pre-War frames. The seat lug lacks any embellishment along the seat tube.

Second, the original full-chrome finish and components are intact. The bike is equipped, as new, with the following components: Chater Lea chainset, b/b, headset bearing, and pedals; Campag Gran Sport mech; Titan stem, Maes bars, bar-end shifters; Mafac center-pull brakes; Brooks saddle on Reynolds alloy seatpin. The Cornoation transfers look to be too bright to be original (compare with the pitting of the chrome) and may have retro-fitted.

A fine example of when not to renovate.

Photos courtesy of the owner.