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1948 Massed Start


Massed Start
London, 1948

The Massed Start model was a racing machine. It appeared in only one catalog, for 1948. It used industry standard lugs and featured the following geometry: head tube angle 73, seat tube angle 71, wheelbase 40.5 inches, or to order. It was sold as a complete bike with Reynolds alloy bar and stem, Dunlop tires, Solite hubs, Brooks B 17 saddle. It was offered in a choice of three finishes depending on the amount of chrome. It was the cheapest model in the Hetchins range. Both curly and straight frames are known, both 26 and 27 inch wheels were fitted. There was also a Super Massed Start, featuring SuperSpecial lugs. About twenty-five were made during the late forties. The Massed Start was replaced when the Latin Series was introduced in 1950. The Massed Start page in the 1948 catalog shows the same illustration as the Tour de France model from the 1939 catalog. This one was sold on 3rd January 1949 and is one of very few known to have survived.

Fotos courtesy of the owner.

1948 Massed Start