historic hetchins


Stallard dropout

Williams inch-pitch

Nulli Secundus
show frame
London, 1950

This is the first Nulli Secundus built and was exhibited as the prototype for this model. It was sold on 21st March 1950 for 20 pounds, 16 shillings, 6 pence. Production frames often showed minor differences to show frames; of note here are the windows in the head lugs. Some later production Nullis lacked them.

The bike is equipped with the following components: Titan adjustable stem with unknown track bars, Coloral double water bottle set, Weinmann Deluxe 500 anodized caliper brake, Bartali brake lever, Blumfield Ultralite hubset, the rear is a fixed gear, Constrictor 40/32 alloy rims, spokes tied and soldered, Reynolds alloy wingnuts, Alatet headset, Titan 27.2 seatpin, Brooks Champion B17 Narrow, Williams inch pitch chainset, Lyotard platform track pedals, Stallard dropouts.

Fotos courtesy of the owner.