1956 Plus

London, 1956

The Plus model was offered in the 1960 catalog and featured Experto Crede lugs with extra re-inforcements on the fork crown and the bottom bracket shell. This 21-inch frame predates the first catalog entry by four years, but the resemblance is unmistakable. This one was owned and raced by Brian Johnson--as pictured above with Dick Swann in the background (with mustache, holding a programme). It was recovered after 42 years in a shed in Leicestershire and restored by Dave Marsh in Maltby. It currently resides with Alan and Brian Johnson in Australia, who kindly provided the fotos.

Components are as follows: headset Brampton; handlebar Philippe French; stem Titan underslung; saddle Brooks B 17 Sprinter; seat post Campagnolo NR twin-bolt; bottom bracket TDC; chainsett Williams; pedals Phillips Apollo rat trap; straps Binda; wheel rims Fiamme road (wide section); hubs Airlite Continental large flange, red, double fixed; spokes Ebergel.