historic hetchins

2015 Special Editions

Magnum Opus de Luxe / Anniversary
Preston, 2015

David Miller relates the following: Six months ago [summer 2015], we were asked to build special frames to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore Independence. It was agreed to initially supply six frames (five Magnum Opus de Luxe, and one Anniversary). We were given basic details of their requirements, for special logos and transfers to be fitted on the frames. We came up with ideas and after much 'to-ing and fro-ing' we finally settled on the final design. I doubt any other frame builders would have had the patience or where withall to satisfy the requirements. We have just sent the first 2 frames. The customer is delighted and has confirmed an order for a further seven frames.

Editor's note: as is evident from the photos, the first one has been equiped in retro-style. We are keen to see the rest of the frames in the series.

Fotos courtesy of the owner(s).