1981 Spyder

Southend, 1981

This frame from 1981 shows the Spyder design at its zenith and features original paint and transfers. The double plate fork crown was becaming scarce, so Hetchin moved to oval blades and solid crowns, as on this frame (whereas some 1981 frames still have round blades and double-plate crowns). Note also the engraved topeyes and oval chain stays, also recent developments for 1981.

The color scheme (original, intact) is dark green with gold head tube, gold panel and bands on the seat tube, lugs lined gold, with orange trim; chrome stays (half), fork blades (half) and crown, seat stay tang at the brake bridge, and topeyes.

Some of the photos above appear to show the bike with its original kit: Galli cranks, faded cloth bar tape, sew-up tires (tubs), and unusual brakes. The remaining photos show it with fresh (black) bar tape and mixed Campag Nuovo/Super Record components. Cinelli bar and stem, Brooks Professional saddle.

Photos courtesy of the owner.