historic hetchins

1949 Super Special

Super Special
London, 1949

This 1949 SuperSpecial was first sold on 17th March 1949, price 19.9.6d. It has a 23" seat tube, Vibrant stays, and a double plate fork crown. The color scheme is black with gold double box lining, chromed stays, fork, and head lugs.

The components include: Fiamme Red Label rims (700c), with Shellwin hi-flange hubs 32/40 (the frame was made for 26" wheels which are waiting to be built); Chater Lea head clip, chainset with 56t chain-ring, sprint pedals with Strata toeclips; Simplex "Tour De France" mech with Simplex lever (note the special wingnut); GB Hiduminium brakes and levers; Reynolds stem with unknown bar; Brooks Swallow saddle, domed seat-post.

Fotos courtesy of the owner.