historic hetchins

1946 Super Special

Super Special
London, 1946

This 1946 SuperSpecial has been completely renovated and is fitted with the following components: bottom bracket bearing, (pencil) cranks, pedals, front hub, head clip, lamp bracket: Chater Lea; toe clips: GB Professional, brakes and levers: GB Hiduminium, wingnuts: GB alloy; gear: September 1948 Sturmey Archer FW hub with SA quick release connector; rims: Constrictor Asp (27 x 1 in.); seat post: Birmalux; stem: Reynolds A.202; saddle: Brooks B17; bell: Le Coq; mudguards: Bluemels Noweight; pump: Bluemels; grips: Romac.

Fotos courtesy of the owner.