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1949 Super Special

Super Special
London, 1949

This 1949 SuperSpecial Six-Day is 23 1/4 inches c-to-t, and has been completely renovated by Argos of Bristol. It is fitted with the following components: Reynolds stem and Aerts bars, GB brakeset, Chater Lea chainset, Chater Lea pedals, BHC Airlite hubs with unknown sprints (Constrictor perhaps but not marked) 32/40, Brooks B17N saddle. An interesting feature is the headset which would usually have been the 'headclip' type but this one has no clip; instead it has a later 'push-in race type' headset nut. This was perhaps modified to achieve a lower handlebar position; it may have been done at the shop as this frame was a few shillings more expensive than the standard price for SuperSpecials.

The Six-Day transfers are also worth noting: a large wrap-over transfer has been applied to the downtube (this is possible only on frames with no bottle mounts). This was supplied by Nick Tithecott of Lloyds and was reproduced from his own original varnish-mount wrap-over transfer. A large-diamond Six-Day transfer has been mounted to the seat tube.

Fotos courtesy of the owner.