2005 tandem




Preston, 2005

This tandem features Magnum Opus lugs and curly stays. It was ordered in July 2005 and delivered in April 2006. The color scheme is dark green and cream, with chromed head lugs and stay ends. The components include a mostly Campag groupset (brakes, levers, hubs, mechs, seat pins), Cinelli bar and stem, TA crank set. Of particular note are the honey-colored Brooks saddles, handle bar bags, and handlebar tape with hand-windings at the end.

Tandem production in Tottenham was probably limited to a handful of frames during the late 1930s; of these, few are known to have survived. David Miller reports that since tandem production was re-started after 1986, the total has been (probably) seven frames: two by Jacksons and five after 1993 by David.

Photos courtesy of the owner.