historic hetchins
shortened badge    pure track

oval blades

cutout long point lugs

Italianate seat stay ends

creased stays

creased stays

Track Bike
Tottenham, ca. 1973

This is a pure race machine. Note the lack of a bore hole on the rear bridge. It was probably made in 1973. The frame shows a number of unusual features for a Hetchins. First, the lug set is industry-standard long point, but the heart-shaped cutouts are most unusual for Hetchins. Also the long points with cutouts on the head tube are unusual for Hetchins. Note the creased chain stays; nearly all Hetchins had uncreased round or round-oval chain stays. These features, combined with the hand-painted down tube logo in gothic lettering, and the first owner's name in gold on the top tube, suggest that it may have been a special order. Three other gothic-lettered down tube logos are known to have survived. The dark blue enamel paint is original, as is the seat tube laurel crest transfer. Note that the head badge has been pared down to fit the short head tube. The frame features Italianate seat stays with extra re-inforcements on the bridge.

The components include a complete Campagnolo track group.

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Fotos courtesy of the owner.