2007 MO Track Special
1962 Experto

MO Track Special, Preston, 2007
Experto Crede, Tottenham, 1962
Fixie pair

The newer track bike features MO iii lugs and modern compenents (Ultegra, Navigator Pista, etc.). The older bike is a 1962 Experto, currently set up as a fixie. Readers of a certain age will recognize the chain droop in the foto above. At that time, when derailleur gears were relatively new, it was commonly believed that a tight chain would create drag and slow the rider down. So chain droop was very in. The owner writes: "it was an art form to set the Campag jockey wheel to allow some bottom gear droop without a washing line of slack chain on the smaller sprockets of the block. Indeed, a lost art. ... Trumpy, the Jack Russell terrier, supervises all cycling departures from the house and anticpates keenly returning cyclists of all ages." Best regards from the Editor to a dedicated fixie.
Fotos courtesy of the owner.