1983 Vitus Keyhole


Vitus Keyhole
criterium racing frame
Leeds?, ca. 1983

This frame is a mystery. We do not know whether it was a one-off, or a prototype which never went into production. Many things about it are noteworthy. First, it is made of Vitus tubes: the seat, top, and down tubes are oval in cross-section. (Thanks to an alert reader who kindly supplied a fitting seat pin.) Second, the lug pattern is an extended Keyhole; the points are much longer than usual for Keyholes. There are up to five holes, connected by slots; the usual points allowed only three holes. Fourth, the head badge is unique. Fifth, the full-chrome finish is quite unusual for 1980s frames. The frame was made to race: note the vertical dropouts, steep fork rake and spartan fork crown, close clearance, and lever boss on top of the dt. The frame changed hands in unbuilt condition and is featured here with its first set of components. A rare find indeed.

Photos courtesy of the former owner.