1967 Vade Mecum Hellenic

Vade Mecum Mk I
Tottenham, 1967

This frame is interesting for several reasons. First, it has the Hellenic triangle. Hellenics were introduced in 1967, the first one having been sold in July. This is probably among the first dozen produced.

Second, it has Vade Mecum Mk I lugs. This pattern does not seem to have sold particularly well, though it is quite handsome.

Of special interest is the hand-painted lettering on the dt and tt. It is not known who did this, whether Dick Swann in the Tottenham shop from new, or possibly some later re-sprayer. A previsous owner's name and cycling club were painted on the tt as well.

The frame has changed hands several times, and one previous owner had it partially re-sprayed; this accounts for the fotos above with different paint on the triangle and fork blades, and different components. The current color scheme is gold main tubes, white triangle and fork blades.

The components are as follows: Campag Record chainset, hi-flange hubs, seat post, rear mech, dt shifters; GB 66 center-pull brakes with GB levers (but Weinmann hoods); the pedals are Lyotard Berthet flat top; the saddle is a Middlemores swallow pattern; Cinelli bar and a custom milled stem. The owner reports: "The frame had just the right hand shifter boss brazed on. I didn't wish to repaint the frame so I made a clamp with a Campagnolo shifter boss silver-brazed on the left side for a double lever. I made it from stainless steel and clamped it with a standard bolt/nut, this way it can be removed to revert to original."

Photos courtesy of the owners.