1953 Experto Crede

Experto Crede
Tottenham, 1953

This Experto Crede, with cast lugs, is finished in candy apple red with gold panels and lug lining. Ellis Briggs did the respray.
The owner relates the following:
First owner was a builder outside Buckhamshire, was doing work on someone's house in Chilton Hills, well-to-do suburb of London. The house owner had ... a very nice vintage bike in the garage. In good condition, dry-stored for about 40 yrs. Builder asked whether the man was interested in selling. He said yes, so [the current owner] went over a couple of days later to have a look. It was faded and dirty, but [he] knew of Hetchins. Fairly original equip, including wheels. Mech was 8-10 years newer than the original frame. Original owner had bought it new from a shop called Dee's in Amersham in Buckhamshire, five miles away from the man's house. The frame still had the original shop sticker on the top of the st. Dee's is still in business. Originally kitted out with current top quality parts, but for Normandy hubs (possibly later). Current kit includes Campag GS hi-flange hubs and Constrictor Asp rims. The rest is original it (54T chainring). The bike won category best restored bike at L'Eroica Britannia, also best bike in show (2018) Dorest Steam Faire, Blackford Forum.

The rear dropouts were replaced, probably in the 1960s, the right rear with a mech eye.