1951 Experto Crede





Experto Crede
London, 1951

This Experto Crede was owned by a Yorkshireman for many years; he had it renovated by Argos of Bristol. The color scheme is green flam with red flam head tube and seat tube bands. The frame was first sold on 16th Feb. 1951. Very early Expertos, such as this is one, featured the Bonum-style question mark fork embellishment; later Expertos had simple fork crowns without embellishments. The frame size is 58 cm, c-to-c.

With the exception of the engraved GB handlebar, the components are vintage but not period-correct for a 50s bike. More modern components, mostly from the 70s, have been fitted to improve safety and rideability. They include: Mafac brake levers (NOS), Stronglight 80 triple crank set, TA pedals (also NOS, lovely things!); Campag NR hi-flange hubs, twin-bolt seat post, front and rear mechs, 6-sp. indexed d.t. shifters, head bearing, and NOS brake calipers; Mavic 27-inch rims with Conti Super Sport tires. The chromed stem was a special order from Rob Mather, finished in 2004.
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