Hetchins Wanted

Prospective Hetchins owners seeking bikes or frames may place ads here free of charge. Private offers only please. The Editor cannot certify the accuracy of any information given by prospective sellers, and all deals are the sole responsibility of the buyers and sellers. Buyer beware of bogus offers; click here for an explanation and example.

The Editor can offer some assistance in identifying model types and production years (send serial no. of prospect and photos of the frame).

To place an ad, contact:

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Wanted: Curly Hetchins, 1950s to mid 1960s. Any model considered. Prefer unrestored. Will pay shipping.

Contact: Mel
email: mandmtudor AT gmail.com

Wanted: Rare Models; Cognoscenti, competition models, Track Opus, Six Day etc. Good originality and condition sought. Best prices paid for private collector wanting to build an exemplary Hetchins collection.

Contact: Mark
email: mark.rooney AT mac.com

Wanted: Hetchins Spyder, frame or complete bike, size 22.5 - 23 inch.

Contact: Malcolm
email: malky1422=AT=gmail.com

Wanted: Hetchins Magnum Opus, curly, any year (early year preferred) and condition, complete bike or frame/fork, 55-56cm (22in). Buyer in California, USA. Please send info, photos.

Contact: Justin
email: jsquake=AT=yahoo.com

Wanted: curly Hetchins, fancy lugs, 23 inch.

Contact: Anthony Birch
email: Anthony.Birch@bannermanrendell DOT com

Wanted: pre-war Hetchins (belled head lugs); have Constrictor parts already; 24 inch.

Contact: Paul Page
tel.: 0044 77 39 77 58 10 (UK)
email: paul --@-- obstock.co.uk

Wanted: Hetchins Keyhole, 58 - 60 cm seat tube, any condition. Please send details, photo, asking price.

Contact: Dominic
tel.: 0044 7815 145 051 (UK)
email: dominic.marc.taylor::AT::gmail.com

Wanted: Hetchins, curly, to be ridden. Buyer once had one in 1965; wants to indulge again. Please send details, photo, asking price.

Contact: G.R. Birditt
email: gb::AT::burchill.co.uk

Wanted: Hetchins Magnum Opus, any year, and condition, complete bike or frame/fork, 20-21 inch (52cm~54cm).

Contact: H.K. Choi (Japan)
email: womantone::AT::naver.com

Wanted: Hetchins, curly, complete bike or frame/fork, 21 or 22 inch, any model.

Contact: Bradley Ketsa
email: bsastek::AT::gmail.com

Wanted: Hetchins Pre-War through approximately 1955 frame or full cycle in any condition from needing restoration to fully restored. Particularly seeking 6-Day Racers and a Nulli Secundus. I'll consider almost anything from a frame that needs full restoration to a complete and original cycle. Size: from 21&1/2" C-to-C up to 23" C-to-T. If someone provides a source that leads to a sale, I'll give 10-20% as a bonus for helping out.

Contact Peter Naiman
email: hetchinspete1--AT--yahoo.com

Wanted: Hetchins or Jack Taylor track frame any condition 23"-24".

Contact: John Walton
email: vikingboyinnyc AT earthlink.net

Wanted: bottom bracket (races, bearings, spindle ca. 129 mm) for double-ring crankset on 1962 Vade Mecum. In USA.

Contact: Jeff
email: jeff.feet -at- gmail.com

Wanted: SuperSpecial, 23 inch.

Contact: Matthew Rascoff
email: bicycles-AT-rascoff.com

Wanted: curly Hetchins, 21 - 22 inch.

Contact: Eduard Melnik
email: pantografata-at-yahoo-dot-com

Wanted: Hetchins, 1930 to 1960 track framesets. Size: seat tube c-to-t 560mm to 570mm. Original paint if possible. Any model; "Brilliant" preferred. Ship to Tokyo Japan or California USA. Send specs and fotos please to:

Contact: Yamaguchi
email: wbc(AT)colors-itn.com

Wanted: Vintage Hetchins frame or bike. Size not important as I am building bikes for group rides. Prefer UK-based sellers due to shipping costs.

Contact: Bill Temple
email: billtemple-at-btinternet-dot-com

Wanted: Hetchins. Any model with track ends.

Contact: Leonardo Novelo
email: leonardo_novelo=AT=yahoo.com

Wanted: Period parts to build my 1945 Hetchins SS. All parts needed.

Contact: Tim Graves
email: tim-graves_AT_lycos-DOT-com

Wanted: Hetchins Brilliant, curly, 22 inches, frame or complete bicycle. To be shipped to Japan. Send fotos and specs.

Contact: Shuichi Tezuka
email: tezuka_s--AT--hotmail DOT com

Wanted: Hurlow or Condor, track/path preferred, road model also acceptable.

Contact: Aidan Searle
email: A.J.Searle--AT--bristol DOT ac DOT uk

Wanted: Hetchins, any model singlespeed or fixed gear (horizontal ends). Mercian or Jack Taylor with curved seat tube also of interest.

email: shahvic--AT--att.net

Wanted: Hetchins. Any model with track ends, any condition.

Contact: Sebastian Khourian
email: sebastiankhourianATgmail.com

Wanted: Hetchins frameset. 55-58 cm. Any model/color/style.

Contact: Ben Rille
email: wonderbread--AT--gmail.com

Wanted: Hetchins frame & fork. 56-62 cm. Any condition. Any color.

Contact Darren
email: schieberb--AT--gmail.com

Wanted: Hetchins fork. Twin plate with round blades, Agrati ends, preferred. Will consider damaged fork or salvaged crown.

Contact Greg Lone
email: gwlone_AT_yahoo.ca

Wanted: Track iron, ca. 23" seat tube, 22.5 to 23" top tube, preferably curly. Track ends a must. Frame in good condition, simple lugs preferred; paint less important.

Contact Nigel Harris
Tel 0031 610 888 380
email: nigelharris881_AT_hotmail.com

Wanted: early (30's-40's) Hetchins, frame set or complete bike, reasonable. Need not be rideable, mostly interested in artistic value as well as historic (as you can imagine by my name). Prefer USA location for shipping costs, but let's talk.

Contact Jack Denny

Wanted: Hetchins frameset or bicycle, 62-64 cc ST and 60-62 cc TT, racing or audax.

Contact Hrvoje Marin

Wanted: Hetchins framesets or bicycles. Anyone got one in Australia for sale? Please e-mail with details.

contact: Clive Rodell
email: clivesqualitytraining-AT-gmail.com

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