Bob Jackson special order road bike

The frame featured below was built for the Editor by Bob Jackson Cycles, Leeds. The frame builder, Danny Foster, built it ca. Nov-Dec 1992. It was made for hill climbing, with the following geometry: 58 cm seat tube (c-to-t), top tube 57 cm (c-to-c), 73-parallel angles, short wheelbase, fork rake 4.5 cm, chainstay length 41cm vertical dropouts, round fork blades and double-plate crown. The finish is grey enamel with minimal chrome. The components are mixed, Campag and Dura Ace, as a result of having changed the groupset several times. Modolo bar and stem, Stronglight headset, Brooks Swallow saddle, Mavic rims, Ultremo tires, Suntour XC Pro pedals, Tune light-alloy (not quick release) skewers.

Below: The bike was originally set up with full Campag, but the Chorus indexing from 1993 was horrible; Dura Ace was fitted later. The Delta brakes had magnificent stopping power and modulation but insufficient clearance for heavier tires, so, again, Dura Ace was fitted later. The Campag crankset and brake levers were retained.

Below: original correspondence and sales receipt. The frame was built during the brief period when Bob Jackson and Hetchins were one. David Miller was then manager; his signature appears at the bottom. "Danny" refers to Jackson's master builder at that time, Danny Foster, who had been with the firm for decades. Note the price of 250 GBP--the pound went a long way back then!

Bob Jackson Super Legend.

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