Condor W.B.H Superbe, Bill Hurlow

This Condor features W.B.H. Superbe lugs and was built by Bill Hurlow in 1963. The current owner writes: I bought this from the previous owner's son, whose father had passed away and it nearly went to the tip before I found it. [Below] is a picture of the previous owner, in Germany with it. It is a Bill Hurlow-built Condor, which has been confirmed by Condor themselves. Size is 25", frame no 6382. Components include: Universal 68 side pull brakes and levers, NOS hoods; Williams ab77 crankset; NOS Campagnolo band-on levers, NOS Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear changer, Campagnolo match-box front mech, Campagnolo large flange record hubs on mavic gold tub rims, Campagnolo Record seat pin, pedals probably Campagnolo Strada; Reynolds Pelessier bar, Pivo adjustable stem, Reg water bottle and carrier; Brooks Professional seat; NOS flint catchers; TDC headset. Paintwork is by Kevin Winters.
Fotos courtesy of Paul Page.