Trevor Jarvis
Silver Jubilee

January 2015, Trevor Jarvis sent the following:

It was decided to celebrate 25 years of myself making the ‘Flying Gate’ with ten special Jubilee frames. The lugwork on each one would be different and left to the choice of the individual, a selection of ten patterns were offered as a guide, but ultimately their design would be entirely up to the customer, as can be seen in particular with frame number 9, all my lugs are truly hand cut from Haden blanks.

The uniqueness of each frame is not just limited to the individuality of the lugwork design, but extended to many other features.

Each one has its own numbered transfers to a design produced by Len Ingram based on the Baines original and each frame has a distinctive solid cast hallmarked silver head badge making all the frames special, unique and built to the highest standard. In addition to all that, the frames have the client initials silver soldered to their own specific design on the small seat tube.

Pictures were taken of the lugs and other items before building the frames; these will be included together with frame details, special transfers and certificates into a souvenir file.

As with many of the frames, Number One had all the brake and gear cables concealed to give a neat clean appearance. It was painted black in a hard 2 pack system and together with the associated masking required for its intricate lugwork, made it the most expensive of the ten to finish.

Number Nine was made for Rob Seall and, in recognition of his name, a seal shape was cut and silver soldered on the top tube with the lug design depicting sea weed on the sea bed. The frame was finished in an appropriate sea blue colour and copper plated before chroming.

Chrome plating was a major feature of all the frames.

Trevor Jarvis

Below, Trevor's documentation of the lug set for No.6, including numbered dt transfer.
Farther below, the frame after brazing, before spraying.

Below, No. 9.
Lug set fotos by Trevor Jarvis;
finished frame fotos courtesy of Doug Poll.

Below, No. 1.
Paint by Argos of Bristol.
Lug set fotos by Trevor Jarvis;
finished frame fotos courtesy of Doug Poll.