Hobbs of Barbican

British builder (two brothers, Albert and Joe) with production from about 1933 to 1953. They were known for excellent quality, sound designs, and superb finishes. Hobbs also produced some light alloy components, known as 'Lytaloy'. Hobbs introduced fancy lugwork a decade before Hetchins. For more detailed information on the marque, please visit Classic Lightweights.

The bike featured below is a Super Course model, made in 1949. The frame is filet brazed and bears original paint and transfers. The components include: Osgear, Stronglight cranks, TA rings (46, 35), Chater Lea Pedals, Brooks Swallow saddle, Sturmey 4-sp hub; Lytealoy [sic] brakes, co2 pump (very rare), and head set; Airlight front hub; Titan stem, Reynolds Pelissier bar; Cyclo front mech. Owner: Peter Lowry. The spear-points indicate it to have been the Super Course model.

The bike featured below belonged to Albert Hobbs, Forest CC [Cycling Club].