Hetchins Catalog & Brochure, 1987 - 1991

In 1987 or 88 when Hetchins and Jackson were unified, Jackson issued a new brochure and built frames especially for this purpose, although two of the illustrations were the same as in the previous Southend brochure. The Jackson Cycles brochure, reproduced complete below, gives the address as Harehills Lane, Leeds. Dimensions: single sheet 42cm high, 29.8 cm wide, sometimes folded in half with a second sheet inserted, half height, same width. Models offered: Mag. Opus Mk.III, Scorpion Bonum, Novus Ductor, tandem.

In the early 1990s Jackson produced a 16-page catalog of their own frame sets; Hetchins were featured on page 15, as below. The catalog listed the address as Harehills Lane until February 1993; then Jackson moved to Dewsbury Road, Leeds, and a sticker was afixed to the catalog with the new address. In July 1993 Donald Thomas and Bob Jackson bought back the business, separating it from Hetchins; the same catalog was issued for a short time with a paper pasted over the last page blocking out the Hetchins. Dimensions: 21cm high, 14.6 wide, stapled. (Subsequent Jackson catalogs dropped the Hetchins marque, but offered a similar design called the "Super Legend.") To date, no other Hetchins catalog or brochure has been issued.