Fixed- & single-gear bikes from the foto archive
1960 to present

Below: Polytechnic CC in flight at Gladbeck, Germany, 1960:
top left, Dick Swann Jr,
middle, Ian Alsop (out of saddle),
bottom right, John Wigglesworth.

Below: start of the race in Gladbeck:
far left, John Wigglesworth (looking over his left shoulder);
far right, Ian Alsop (helping the next rider into his pedal);
Ian rides an Experto Crede, inch pitch chainrings clearly visible.

Below: 1963 Mountain King.

Below: 1964 Vade Mecum Superb, rather rare.

Below: Alan Johnson's 1965 19-inch track iron, restored and on display at Dave Marsh's cycle shop in Maltby South Yorkshire.

Below: A rarity on two counts:
1) Curly track bikes were out of fashion in the 1970s.
2) The full-chrome finish was also out of fashion in the 1970s.

Below: An assortment of 1970s models including Spyder and Track Supreme.

Below: A frame which Alf took to a show in California in the mid 1980s.
It bears a very late Southend serial number, H13267;
soon after, production was transferred to Jackson Cycles.

Below: Mo iii deluxe Track Special for a Japanese customer.

Below: 2007 MO iii Track Special, 1962 Experto--same owner.

Below: 2008 MO iii Track Special, featuring Columbus OverSize tubing.

Below: MO iii track, full chrome.

Below: Last but not least: MO iii Track Special, featuring extra ornamentation.

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