1977 Magnum Opus Special Order



Magnum Opus
special order
Southend, ca. 1977

This Magnum Opus was a special order for a frequent customer, Les Piper. His initials, L.B.P., were cut into the elaborate seat tube ornament. This frame features the first known engraved top eyes. These touches are typical of the 1970s when, as Alf said, "the customer got what he wanted." Mr. Piper never rode it. It is now owned by a collector in Kiel, Germany. The parts include Campag Super Record gear changer and crank set. Note the leather inserts in the gear levers. The two-tone black and gold brakes are by Dia-Compe. The rims are Araya Titanium (for sew-up tires). The saddle is by Brooks. The color is post-office red enamel with silver panels, pale blue trim, and gold pin striping.