1976 Keyhole

criterium racing frame
Southend, ca. 1976.

The Keyhole lug design was used mainly on racing frames, both road and track. The lugs were of plain long-point design, drilled out. On some Keyhole frames the drilled holes were connected by slots; a few others had slightly more elegant lugwork.

The geometry of this frame is short and stiff, with 74-degree head tube angle and very stiff stays.

The color scheme is maroon flam with copper plating. The bike won 3d price for best paint at the 2020 ConcoursVelo in Basel, and tied for 2d prize Crowd Favorite.

The groupset is the complete original Campag Nuovo Record, lightened for racing and with numerous light alloy bolts. The hubs are original lo-flange; the rims and tires are new ERTRO 622. Other components include Cinelli handle bar, stem and cork tape, and Brooks Swift saddle. The total weight of the bike is under 9kgs.