Magnum Opus deluxe







Magnum Opus deluxe special order
Leeds, 1990

This Magnum Opus deluxe was a special order for a dealer, Damien Gerber, in Cologne, Germany. The frame was delivered without parts; Gerber had the Campag C-Record parts engraved and mounted. It served as a display model for prospective Hetchins customers. The color is Post Office Red enamel. The saddle appears to be lizard skin; the TTT handle bar is also covered in leather. This is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous Hetchins ever put together. Size: seat tube 54 cm, top tube 55 cm (c-to-c), wheelbase 101 cm. The bike has very few miles on it. It now belongs to a collector in La Honda, California.

I recall a visit to Gerber's shop in Cologne in the 1990s. He offered only top quality frames and components. He took me downstairs and showed me his 'vault'. There were racks up to the ceiling stacked with original Nuovo Record yellow and Super Record blue Campag boxes, everything from mechs to brakes to pedals to crank sets. All new, originally packaged. The atmosphere in there was still and special, like the treasure chamber of a pharoah's tomb.