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1949 Nulli Secundus

Nulli Secundus
Tottenham, 1949

This 22.5-inch Nulli Secundus was first sold 28th December 1949 for 20 pounds 5 shillings and 6 pence. It is one of a very few Nullis sold before the model was officially launched as part of the Latin Series in the 1950 catalog.

The frame has unusual braze-ons on the top tube: they are doubled (see fotos above). One set was for the brake cable, the second set would have been for a shifter cable to a Sturmey hub-gear with a trigger-shifter on the handle bar. There are also braze-ons on the down tube for shifter cables, indicating that there was probably a twin-cog arrangement fitted to the Sturmey hub, as well as a double chain-ring up front. There are fittings for a panier carrier and mud guards, so the frame would have made a fine tourer. It is currently set up as a time trial bike with 4-speed block and double chain-ring set. Note the beautiful wooden rims.

The color scheme is high-gloss black enamel, white head tube, gold lining, Cornoation transfer set.