A Brief Survey of Hetchins Special Editions

Special order frames for individual customers are nothing new for Hetchins. Many special order frames have been built with customer's initials carved into elaborate seat tube ornaments; many are known especially from the 1970s and 1980s. (See below.)


In the year 2005, Hetchins produced a special order frame reprising a lug design from 1948. The 1948 frame had been constructed for a trade show at Earls Court, London. The reprise was dubbed Earls Court Two and made to fit fully modern components. (See below.)



Hetchins have also issued a number of limited-edition frames, featuring special ornamentation and/or chroming. These have included, for example, the Magnum Opus Anniversary (1994) to commemorate the patent on the curly stays (granted in 1934), and the Magnum Opus Millennium. (See below.)

Now, combine these two ideas: special order designs for specific customers plus special limited edition series, and you get exactly what Hetchins are famous for.
In the year 2015, Hetchins were asked to produce a series of frames to commemorate 50 years of independence of Singapore. Each one featured special transfers and ornamentation.
(Two are shown below; fotos courtesy of the owner.)

Starting in 2016, a customer in China ordered a series of frames on the theme of Chinese calendar years. The first two China Special Edition frames, commemorating the year of the monkey and the year of the rooster, have been completed. The rat design is already on the drawing board, and nine more are likely to follow.
(The Year of the Monkey frame No.1 is shown below; fotos courtesy of the owner.)


A customer in Taiwan has ordered a series of frames, each more elaborate than the last. The most recent one, which Paul Riley completed in 2017, was photographed just after brazing (unfinished). The elaborate ornamentation was entirely silver soldered and is expected to be chromed.
(See below.)

Watch this space for future Special Editions.