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1965 Vade Mecum Mk I

Vade Mecum Mk I
Tottenham, 1965

The Vade Mecum model was revamped for the 1964 catalog and issued in three variants, the MK I, II, and III, the Mk I being the least fancy of the three new ones, though more fancy than the original Vade Mecum from the early 1950s. The revamped Vade Mecum series was not popular; few are know to have survived. Many Hetchins customers in the 1960s and 70s fell into one or the other of two classes: 1) those who wanted a Mag.Opus and could afford it, and 2) those who couldn't and went for the plainer models (such as Italia or Keyhole). Although the original VM had been popular, the revamped one was somewhere in between the Mag.Opus and Italia in price and therefore failed to find a real market niche. The one featured here was resprayed and is in very good condition.

The components on the above bike include: GB Coureur brakes, Shimano 600 levers, Shimano pedals, Stronglight crank, Campag hubs and mech, Raleigh stem, ITM bar, Brooks saddle.