1954 Experto Crede

Experto Crede
Tottenham, 1954

This 22.5-inch Experto Crede, first sold 19 Feb 1954, price 17/11/06, is finished in orange enamel with green and white panels. Components include the following: headset TDC; wheels Campagnolo low-flange hubs (1958) on Super Champion sprint rims (1970), Vittoria Rally 25 tubs, thorn catchers; chainset Stronglight 49D with 46 / 41 Cyclotourist chain rings; mechs Campagnolo Gran Sport rear, Campagnolo Record front; block Regina Oro 14-22; bar and stem GB; saddle Brooks Professional (1968); pedals Lyotard platform (1969); seatpost Campagnolo NR; brakes Universal 51 (1970).

Photos courtesy of the owner.