Les Ephgrave

Les Ephgrave learned the craft from Harry Rensch, later worked for Claud Butler, and eventually built frames under his own name. It is believed that he produced about 4,000 frames by his death in 1969. The workmanship and finish are of the highest quality. For more on Ephgrave, go to Classic Lightweights web site: click here.



The bike below is a 23" Ephgrave from 1952 with type No.1 lugs. The finish is red enamel with cream head and seat tubes. Simplex dropouts; note the particularly finely filed lugs and pencil-thin stay ends. Wheels: Airlite large-flange hubs, Dunlop light alloy HP rims, 27 x 1 Continental Supersport tyres. Chainset: Stronglight cottered and fluted cranks with TA alloy double ring 44/48T. Pedals: Chater Lea. Rear mech: Benelux Cyclo (UK) five-speed double-roller with Benelux down-tube lever (push the lever forwards to shift up, reverse to modern mechs/levers). Front changer: Benelux rod-gear. Brakes: GB Coureur hiduminium. GB Titan alloy stem with Maes alloy bar. Saddle: Brooks B17 Swallow.

The owner kindly allowed the Editor to ride it on a 40-mile tour of several counties in England in the summer of 2007. I can attest that, 50 years on, the bike still rides beautifully.


Ephgrave No.1 lug pattern    Ephgrave No.1 lug pattern

   Benelux rod-gear

GB Titan stem

Cyclo gear