What's New 28.8.2017

The following pages were added or revised this update:

What We Do For Fun Around Here: Bergkoenig, Gstaad

For Sale: 1955 Vade Mecum

Events: Tibberton 2017

Editorial: 1982 special order w/full original-owner documentation

Lug Designs: Keyhole and Keyhole Spade/Special

Lug Designs: Massed Start

Copycats: yet another Magnum Bogus surfaces with all the usual anomalies

Gallery: 1955 Experto, spectacular paint by Argos

Gallery: 1950 Experto Mk I, very rare (even for a Hetchins)

Gallery: 1949 Nulli

Gallery: 1941 Anglo-Continental, full chrome, very rare (even for a Hetchins)

Special Editions: A Brief Survey