From the Editor
18 March 2017

Mick Butler sends the following: I found a scrapbook from a cycling companion when clearing his shed out after he died. Was mostly about 6 Day racing prewar. There was one old cutting which intrigued me about the equipment used during the 1938 Wembley 6-Day. They all raced on Brooks saddles and used Dunlop Special Green tubulars. Jerrry Rodman USA, Henry O'Brien USA, Marcel Guimbretiere France, Michel Pecqueux France, Erland Christensen Denmark, Bjorn Stieler Denmark, Cor Wals, Piet Holland, Van Kempen Holland and Maurice Depauw, Belgium all rode on Hetchins. Click here for more.

Wals and van Kempen, riding Hetchins, took bronze; although Claud Butler bikes took gold and silver, Hetchin probably garnered more publicity from the sheer number of his bikes present on the track.

Below: Alan Johnson sends the following: here is a foto of me winning the East Midlands Hill Climb on Ambergate Hill Derbyshire in 1976, about 1500 yards long; I won it for Rockingham Forest Wheelers. The bike is a 1968 Experto Crede with Bonum fork crown, tang on the seat stay, and Airlite hubs. Note the double toe straps. --Alan Johnson

Below: Last but not least, a cry for help. Jeff, owner of a 1962 Vade Mecum, has pranged his Blumels mudguard (see foto). If anyone knows how to get this ironed out, please contact him. email:


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